Alexandra Daddario goes to war with two metalheads in We Summon the Darkness clip

September 21, 2019

In the 1988-set horror-thriller We Summon the Darkness, three best friends — Alexis, Val, and Beverly — embark on a road trip to a heavy metal music festival where they bond with three guys in a band. Following the show, the group heads off to Alexis’ parents’ secluded country home for an afterparty. What should be a night of fun and youthful debauchery instead takes a dark and deadly turn. With satanic killers on the loose, can anyone be trusted?

To watch the clip: here

We Summon the Darkness stars Alexandra Daddario, Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson, Logan Miller, Amy Forsyth, Austin Swift, and Johnny Knoxville. The film is directed by My Friend Dahmer filmmaker Marc Meyers.

“The wild mind of screenwriter Alan Trezza crafted a really fun script,” says the director. “The moment I read it I thought it was the perfect film to do after My Friend Dahmer. Where My Friend Dahmer leaves off, the adventure for me as a filmmaker continues here. It’s funny, bloody, wild, and non-stop. I learn something new making every movie. This was my first experience working with pyrotechnics, practical special effects, stunts, and lots of knives. And now as filmmaker, I look forward to having more opportunities to bring such color and action to the screen.”

We Summon The Darkness is a Fyzz Pictures, Common Enemy, and Nightshade Entertainment production in association with Litecoin Foundation, Iconic Media One, Grey Hawk Productions, and MEP Capital. Highland Film Group is managing worldwide sales.

The film will have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Tex. on Sept. 21.

Exclusively watch an — expletive-containing — clip from We Summon the Darkness, above.

By Clark Collis: Entertainment Weekly