China Disaster Film ‘Skyfire’ Bought by Screen Media for North America

October 8, 2020

“Skyfire” is directed by Simon West and stars Jason Isaacs (“Hotel Mumbai”), Hannah Quinlivan (“Skyscraper”), Xueqi Wang (“Iron Man 3”) and Shawn Dou (“Wolf Totem”). The film is produced by Meridian Entertainment and topped the box office in China when it debuted in December on its way to a $24 million cumulative take.

“Skyfire” centers on chaos erupting when the once dormant volcano at the world’s only volcano theme park and resort starts to rumble. Quinlivan portrays a young scientist who attempts to convince the resort owner, played by Isaacs, to evacuate the island before it is too late.

West’s credits include “Con Air,” “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “The Mechanic” and “The Expendables 2.” VFX producer John Hughes, co-founder of Rhythm & Hues, cooperated with six VFX companies to create the special effects. The film is written by Will Wei Bu and Sidney King, and produced by Jennifer Wenjie Dong.

“Skyfire is a real return for Simon West to large-scale, blockbuster filmmaking,” said Screen Media. “The immense scope of this thrilling story, and Simon’s skilled execution in telling it, results in a blast of a disaster movie.that all can enjoy, whether they watch on the big screen or at home. We’re excited for audiences to enjoy the ride.”

Jennifer Wenjie Dong said, “‘Skyfire’ is China’s first international production and is truly a movie made by the world, for the world. We hired top-tier creative talents from 17 countries, spent five years developing the film and we have tried our best to present an amazing VFX feast for a global audience.”

The deal was negotiated by Seth Needle for Screen Media with Highland Film Group’s Delphine Perrier on behalf of Meridian Entertainment.

By Dave McNary